The Seattle Covid19 outbreak moves on apace with 367 cases and 29 deaths. Governor Inslee just announced that he would be shutting down the schools in three counties, including King, until April 24 and gatherings of more than 250 people have been prohibited. On the good news front, my son’s coronavirus test results came back negative for coronavirus. Not surprised, but relieved. Thanks to all of you for your concern.

With regard to the Covid-19 outbreak at the nursing home next door, I have been shocked at the lack of information available on the seven cases diagnosed on Tuesday at the nursing home next door. It seems like it would be useful to know something about the status of cases beyond just alive or dead so we can judge the seriousness of the outbreak, but I can find nothing on any website about the status of these cases. I drove through the parking lot yesterday and it seemed like business as usual. No sign indicating the place was under quarantine. Nobody in hazmat suites. Seven cases.

UPDATE: Since I first posted this, I found report indicating that another patient had tested positive and several additional staff members are in self quarantine. No more new details, but the count is up.