COVID-19 is shorthand for COronaVirus Infectious Disease 2019. There are many varieties of coronaviruses, most of which cause nothing more serious than the common cold. Several strains have emerged, however, that can cause much more serious, often deadly diseases. One of them, SARS-CoV-2, which emerged last fall in China, causes COVID-19.

Covid-19 Links and Information

Trackers and Models

Daily Counts
Coronavirus Update – Worldometer – Good for country comparisons.
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center – Good for Countries
Coronavirus Dashboard – by a high school student. One of the first counters out there and still one of the best

Trends, Graphs, and Models
NYT maps – Best for graphs of US trends
OurWorldinData – Great for comparing multiple countries in a single Graph
COVID-19 Watcher – Data from the past week for US States, Counties, and Cities.

Health Map – Creates videos of the course of the pandemic for individual countries or regions.
COVID-19 Heat Map – Mapping of hot spots.

Tracking R – evaluates the trend for the Reproduction Number, R, by country
COVID-19 Scenarios – Allows you to run your own epidemiological models controlling all relevant variables.
COVID-19 estimation updates | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation – Sophisticated computer models of the Pandemic
COVID-19 Nucleus | Nucleus Analytics – a variety of tools for reviewing data on cases and test

Other Tools
The COVID Tracking Project – Excellent data source includes testing, hospitalization, and racial breakdowns- the Atlantic
COVID-19 Testing Project – ongoing comparison of alternatives for testing antibody levels.
The COVID Racial Data Tracker | – Racial Data

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Transition of new coronavirus COVID-19 cases per population by country

Epidemic Calculator 

Public Health Sites


Washington DOH 

King County DOH 

Information and Data Sets

EUA Authorized Serology Test Performance | FDA 

Emergency Use Authorizations | FDA 

Cepheid | Xpert® Xpress SARS-CoV-2 

COVID-19 – EMCrit Project 

CORD-19 | Semantic Scholar 

Workbook: PHSKC COVID-19 Outbreak Summary Dashboard 

CoV3D structures 

COVID-19—An Illustrated Scientific Summary > Stories at Yale Medicine 

COVID‑19 – Mobility Trends Reports – Apple 

COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports 

COVIDep vaccine targets 

COVID-19 genome annotator 

COVID-19 Mobility Data Network 

Microreact – COG-UK 2020-06-05 


Coronavirus OR 2019-nCoV OR nCoV | OvidDS 


COVID-19 Resource Centre 

Text REtrieval Conference (TREC) Overview 

COVID-19 Preprint Index 

COVIDView: A Weekly Surveillance Summary CDC 

Coronavirus Outbreak Stats & Data | USAFacts 

Rt: Effective Reproduction Number 

Pandemics Explained 


descarteslabs/DL-COVID-19: Mobility changes in response to COVID-19, provided by Descartes Labs 

Public Health Agencies


Washington State

King County


EMCRIT– Compilation of references on all aspects of Covid-19

A physician at the heart of Italian Epidemic

Surgical Masks vs Respirators