Every nursing home or other elder care facility in the country must act immediately to protect those people who are most vulnerable. In Washington, Governor Inslee has just placed controls on visitors to all of the state’s nursing homes. This should have happened on day one and other states should learn from our mistake. Cases have been identified at ten nursing homes around Seattle. Almost all of the deaths here are happening in nursing homes. This is the single most important thing we can do to protect lives.

Effective today, every nursing home in the United States should:

  1. Strictly control visitors and require all of them to where face masks.
  2. Test all patients and staff immediately.
  3. Prohibit staff from working in multiple facilities.
  4. Implement strict cleaning procedures.
  5. Retest and quarantine any resident who develops a cough.

If you have a friend or relative in a facility, make sure the facility is aware of this crisis. Lives are at stake.