It is time for us to acknowledge it. There is a Deep State. They stand against everything Donald Trump represents. And we need them desperately.

The Deep State is everywhere. They are the thousands of employees distributed throughout the federal government. They have dedicated themselves, their lives and their careers, to answering John F. Kennedy’s famous call. They have asked themselves what they can do for their country and they are doing it. These are smart, driven people, working in relative obscurity for far less money than they could command in the private sector.

what is the deep state doing?

  1. In the State Department, they strive to maintain and promote alliances with governments that share our ideals of democracy, a free press, equality, and basic human rights, while seeking to keep malign actors in check.
  2. In the Military, they operate under the core principles of civilian rule to serve as the option of last resort when the peaceful alternatives of diplomacy prove inadequate.
  3. In the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture, they seek to keep our food, land, air, and water clean and safe and to ensure a livable planet for future generations based on the latest science.
  4. In the Department of Health and Human Services, they seek to protect and promote the health of all Americans, again based on the latest science.
  5. In the Department of Justice, they apply and defend the core principles of the Constitution in enforcing the laws of the United States with the goal of delivering fair and equal justice to all Americans.
  6. In the Department of the Interior, they understand that our public lands are our greatest national treasure and see themselves as stewards for future generations.


The deep state is good people trying to do the right thing. As a result, they are diametrically opposed to our current President, who stands against all of these things. They are deep but not in the cynically truth=twisting way invented to sow a sense of conspiracy among Trump’s followers. They are deep in their thinking, in their numbers, and in their commitment to this country.

The Deep State has names, names like Alex Vindman, Sally Yates, Andrew Fauci, Marie Yovanovitch, and Andrew McNabb. These people do not oppose the President out of some unexplained hatred for everything Republican. Many of them are or were Republicans. They oppose Trump because of his amorality, his disdain for science, his lack of compassion, and his disregard for the health of Americans. The FBI did not turn on Trump because of some conspiracy with the Clintons. They turned on Trump because he was breaking the law and was actively conspiring with the Russians.

Trump is a dancing monkey. We stare at him while the pickpockets, the Dark Money corporate interests that supports him, rob us blind. He is doing everything to drive the deep state out of the government. The unseen damage he has done to our federal government is incalculable. The damage he will do if allowed four more years to destroy it will not be survivable.